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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Diamond Eternity Ring 

diamond eternity ring

According to a Statista study that was held in 2020, approximately 305,000 Brits spent £500 or more on golden or platinum jewellery containing diamonds. However, diamonds are also considered special, and this is particularly true for diamond rings as well.   A diamond eternity ring is an excellent choice for a gift, but choosing one might […]

Where to Buy Unique Engagement Rings and find inspiration


If you are planning on popping the question to your better half and want something different to every other round brilliant diamond and solitaire diamond ring out there, we don’t blame you. Nothing says I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you more than with a truly unique engagement […]

Why is an engagement ring so important in 2021 ?


If you’re thinking about getting married, you may have at some point wondered why engagement rings are so important. And what is the significance of the ring itself? The film industry is filled with tear-jerking engagement moments that tug at the heartstrings. Even if you are not of the romantic persuasion, you have to admit […]

The Latest Trends for Engagement Rings in 2021


The annual festive season finds itself in the middle of the all-important engagement season, which is said to range from November through to February, amid big dates in the calendar including Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Valentine’ Day. 2020 saw a return to simplicity – and in classic-2020 style, we will be waving goodbye to […]

Diamond Solitaire In A Royal Setting

This exquisite ring is a diamond solitaire (name given to jewellery pieces with one diamond). Cut into a marquise shape, the ring perfect for giving the illusion of longer fingers. Marquise diamonds are often favoured by those wanting something a little different to the traditional round cut solitaire, or those looking for a vintage inspired […]

Cushion Cut Fancy Diamond Ring

Beautifully held in with four double yellow gold claws, this stunning cushion cut fancy diamond is the center of attention in this ring. Cushions cuts are a popular choice for fancy diamonds (the name given to coloured diamonds), as they tend to bring out stronger color shades. As a result, it is also uncommon to see fancy […]

Princess Cut Channel Set Ring

This elegant ring is designed for beauty and practicality. Set in a channel setting, this jewellery piece has a row of stunning princess cut diamonds. A channel setting is a type of mounting in which the diamonds are set into a channel made from two metal strips. The stones set in such a way form […]

Oval Cut Diamond Ring

This beautiful piece is an oval cut diamond ring with diamonds running along the shoulders. Created by Lazare Kaplan in the 1960’s, oval diamonds are a modified round brilliant-cut. Since the two shapes possess a similar light refracting properties, the oval is an ideal choice for a customer who likes the look of a round diamond but […]

Partial Bezel Set Diamond Ring With Prongs

This beautiful ring perfectly shows off the row of shimmering diamonds, with the prongs grasping each stone, keeping them spaced evenly around the ring. The prongs contain pillars that hold the ring up and encourage light to flow through the diamond, highlighting its’ brilliance, while still holding the stone securely in place. In a bezel-set ring, […]