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Solitaire Diamond In A Tension Setting

This is a beautiful solitaire diamond in a tension setting. If your looking for a ring setting to really make a diamond stand out, then a tension setting is the one for you. Most traditional rings utilise prongs or metal baskets to secure a centre stone in place. That isn’t the case with tension set rings. Find out more in this post.

Gold Princess Cut Diamond Bracelet

This gold princess cut diamond bracelet will be a wonderful addition to any jewellery box. Featuring a stunning collection of princess cut diamonds, this bracelet ties them together in a traditional channel setting. This setting is among one of the beautiful styles available in a bracelet. However, other styles include pronged and bezel settings. This […]

White Gold Vs Yellow Gold

Due to its similar looks, many people want to know the difference between white gold and platinum. However, what is often an overlooked option between yellow and white gold. What is the difference between yellow gold and white gold? What is white gold made from? Which is better? Here’s an explanation of the differences, as well as the pros and cons of each.

Four Claw Brilliant Cut Diamond

A wonderful jewellery piece, this is a four claw brilliant cut diamond ring. This is a perfect design for those looking for something to highlight a solitaire diamond or just an unfussy design. The four claw setting allows for plenty of light to shine through the diamond, giving the maximum potential for sparkle. This draws the focus all on the centre stone and is great for making the most out of the diamond. Read on to find out more.

Platinum Pear Shaped Diamond Ring

This stunning ring is a platinum pear shaped diamond, which is framed with a single row halo ring and made in beautiful platinum. The ring also features shoulders which are adorned with smaller diamonds. Those with an inclination towards non-traditional styles can opt for a more unusual cut like this pear cut diamond or marquise cut diamond. Pear shapes are also ideal for fancy diamonds, otherwise known as coloured diamonds, as they bring out hues better. Find out more on this ring in the blog post.