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An essential part of choosing an engagement ring is picking out a design. We have over 500 designs from halos to solitaires, from diamond shoulder designs to trilogy. From classic to the contemporary.

We have created a guide with some of the most popular designs, to help you make the right choice. Rest assured, our website only the tip of the iceberg, if you cant find something you are in love with, you can come and visit one of our stores and we will be more than happy to help you make something truly amazing.



A classic solitaire setting is simple yet so elegant. It really showcases the centre diamond, without focusing on anything else. solitaires, which generally feature the centre diamond are the most popular styles for engagement rings. The most tradition one holds the centre diamond with plain shoulders and a plain metal band.

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Alternatively if the one centre diamond is not enough you can go ahead and add some beautiful diamonds either halfway through the band or a few on the side to give it that extra sparkle. Each diamond on the shoulders of the band will give the ring an extra boost of shine, making it difficult not to go for a solitaire with diamond shoulders!



From princess cuts to emerald cuts, take a look at our fantastic selection of fancy shape diamond for engagement rings. Fancy shape ring are am alternative to the round brilliant solitaire style ring. You can choose from diamond shoulders to plain. If you in doubt for the plain shoulders of the fancy shape ring just remember the centre stone will look just as beautiful and stunning!



Going for a Halo setting is only one of the many options. You can choose from a cushion halo setting with plain or diamond shoulders or a round halo setting again, with plain or diamond shoulders. Halo setting engagement ring are also very popular as they add a circle of diamonds around the centre to make the centre diamond appear larger. The diamonds on the shoulders and around the centre gives the halo setting an amazing and dazzling look.



Celebrate your future with one of our most breathtaking three stone diamond engagement ring. Three diamonds, with a metal of your choice, really stands out in the crowd! The centre stone being slightly bigger and having the sides the same weight, or go for something elegant by having all the diamonds on the ring the same weight. Our trilogy settings, really offer that glamorous wow factor! if your fiancee is into something that stands out in the crowd, the trilogy setting may be the one for her!


An important part of choosing an engagement ring, is thinking carefully about budget. Knowing where you want to be with your money and having a rough idea of spending will allow you to different options to find a beautiful ring which you can afford. While it is worth buying the best you can afford, the perfect engagement ring should not leave you in debt!

There is no reason for a customer to feel obligated to spend thousands and thousands. If you still cannot find something of your budget and liking, you can contact us and we will be more than happy to help. We will always value you and look after you as our customer.


After a long hard think you have come to a decision and now here comes the fun part! Designing a stunning and beautiful engagement ring. A golden option for you would be considering changing the metal. Although, platinum is one of the most popular wearings, if you still want that dazzling and lustrous colour, you can always opt for a white gold or even for the another gold – the stunning and beautiful rose gold or a classic and elegant yellow.

In addition to that remember that diamond prices can rise very quickly. One large stone can set you back and go above your budget. You can design a setting that features a centre stone in a halo setting which has shinning diamonds all around the centre, helping the diamond look bigger or you can go for an eye-catching solitaire with diamond shoulders! Your engagement ring will still sparkle and dazzle.

Round brilliant cut diamonds are the most popular choices without a doubt. Why not try something alit different? Fancy shaped diamonds, like an oval, marquise or princess cut can also be priced within your price range. These fancy diamonds are an original and enchanting choice.

The centre diamond can help weigh out your options. Going for a 0.9CT rather than a 1CT will set you on the right track as the difference between the size will hardly be noticeable. It is possible to find diamonds that weigh slightly less than larger diamonds, and you will get a good value for money.

Once you have started thinking about these options, and think you have made a choice, book an appointment or come into store and speak to our diamond specialists. We are here 7 days a week to support and guide you through your journey. We will give you the best support in order to put together a stunning diamond engagement ring that offers you value for money and a top quality service.


When buying an engagement ring, often you will find yourself questioning about your partners finger size. With Hatton Garden Diamond, we advice our customers to go larger and if it does not fit, bring it back to us and we will resize for your partner complimentary (our life time care package). However, we have a few tips and tricks up our sleeves in order to help you out.

You can always ask a friend or a family member, if they know her finger size. If that doesn’t work, try to get a ring of your partners, we can create the engagement ring to that size. Generally speaking, a females finger size tends to range from a G to R. A males finger size ranges from P to Z. T being the average size.

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