How to Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring for Your Personality and Style

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There are many engagement rings on the market to choose from, which, at first thought, can make selecting or designing an engagement ring for yourself or your partner a daunting task.

Whether you decide to select or design the perfect engagement ring for yourself, to take the stress away from your partner, or you choose to stick to the traditional method of allowing your partner to choose the ring for you whilst offering some simple guidance to them on what sort of style ring you would desire, this blog can assist you in finding the perfect engagement ring that reflects your personality and style.

Significance Of Choosing The Right Engagement Ring

Your engagement ring will become the most sentimental and special piece of jewellery that you own, sitting on your finger for a lifetime. With this in mind, it is important to take time to select the perfect engagement ring for you personally. 

On top of this, the engagement ring your partner purchases for you will also symbolise their commitment to your relationship. If your partner can grant your wishes by gifting you with an engagement ring that suits your personal desires, then this will bring good fortune to your future marriage. 

From traditional and more simplistic rings to different, creative and statement designs, there are endless options awaiting you when you begin your engagement ring selection journey. 

You will be faced with a variety of decisions to make when selecting the right engagement ring for your personality and style. These decisions include selecting the shape, gem, cut, metal, clarity and carat. 

Exploring Different Styles Of Engagement Rings

Firstly, in order to choose the best engagement ring for you, it is useful to have an understanding of the different engagement rings available on the market so that you can compare the styles of what you do and don’t like, helping you to make your final decision. 

Elegant Rings

These types of engagement rings tend to offer a delicate design with intricate details that stand out. They usually look beautiful paired with a rose gold or yellow gold band to contrast against the sparkly diamond in the centre. 

Traditional Rings

This type tends to be understated, focusing on the diamond itself. They tend to feature a solitaire diamond with a simple band, creating a timeless piece. 

Dainty Rings

This minimalist design will look delicate and understated, focusing less on the diamond and more on the setting.

Decorative Rings

These engagement rings tend to offer a pear or emerald cut centre diamond paired with a cluster of diamonds around the outside of the stone to offer an extra touch of glamour.

Contemporary Rings

These types of engagement rings would offer an elaborate halo mount with diamond-set shoulders and a contrasting centre stone.

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