Monthly Archives: May 2018

Channel Set Bespoke Ring

Another great bespoke ring we created for a client. This is a beautiful channel set bespoke ring with a stunning row of diamonds. A channel setting is a type of mounting in which the diamonds are set into a channel made from two metal strips. The stones set in such a way form a row and can run along the entire band of the ring. Find out more on the ring in this blog post.

Four Claw Setting With Twist Shoulders

Another unusual piece, this is a brilliant cut diamond solitaire in North-South-East-West four claw setting with twist shoulders. This is a relatively new four-claw style for a round brilliant cut diamond. A North-South-East-West positioning of the claw brings out more of a circular look from the diamond compared to the usual four-claw which gives more of a squarish look. It’s entirely up to preference as both settings allow for plenty of light to shine through the diamond for that extra sparkle. The other usual feature is the twist shoulders, which create a beautiful, floral, elegant feel to the jewellery piece. Whilst this one pictured is made in platinum, it can be made with any precious metals, such as gold. Such a piece would be a great choice for those looking for something different in an engagement ring.

Solitaire Diamond Set In A Crossover

This is a beautiful, brilliant cut diamond solitaire in a crossover setting. A great jewellery piece, this would suit both large and smaller diamond carats. The dainty, clean look of the setting highlights the diamond solitaire, no matter the size. This makes for a very versatile and accommodating ring design that will suit many different budgets.