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The Facets of Buying Diamond Earrings in Hatton Garden

Diamond Earrings Hatton Garden

Diamond Earrings Choose the perfect diamond earrings Hatton Garden has to offer with our simple guide. Versatile and classic, a pair of diamond earrings can elevate an everyday outfit or add the final touch to an elegant dinner ensemble. Although with so many factors to consider when buying diamond earrings, choosing the exact right pair […]

Different Types Of Diamond Cuts


Diamond shape refers to the diamond’s outline shape when seen from top to bottom. Forms like as round, oval, princess, emerald, cushion, heart, marquise, Asscher, pear, trapeze, and baguette are examples of “fancy shapes.” There are numerous variables to consider when selecting the ideal form for your diamond engagement ring: the ring style you like, […]

What to look for in a Luxury Diamond Jeweller

Whether looking at engagement rings or anniversary necklaces, diamond jewellery is almost always reserved for special occasions. Naturally, then, finding a luxury diamond jeweller like Hatton Garden Jewellers that you can trust is absolutely vital. This simple guide will cover a range of key subjects, such as; Verifying a diamond jeweller’s legitimacy Lab-grown diamonds vs […]

The History of Hatton Garden

Discover the rich history of Hatton Garden, in the Borough of Camden. Named after Queen Elizabeth’s I, favourite, Sir Christopher Hatton, Hatton Garden is a commercial zone in London’s Borough of Camden. It is famed for many things, in particular the high-quality jewellers that have businesses there. History of Hatton Garden Given to Sir Christopher […]

Where to Buy Unique Engagement Rings and find inspiration


If you are planning on popping the question to your better half and want something different to every other round brilliant diamond and solitaire diamond ring out there, we don’t blame you. Nothing says I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you more than with a truly unique engagement […]

Is it bad luck to see your engagement ring before the proposal?

As you may be aware, there are a lot of strange superstitions in the world, especially surrounding big life events in our lives, like engagements and weddings. Many of these are generally borne out of ancient beliefs and are meant to help you ward off bad luck in your relationship or evil spirits. One of […]

Why is an engagement ring so important in 2021 ?


If you’re thinking about getting married, you may have at some point wondered why engagement rings are so important. And what is the significance of the ring itself? The film industry is filled with tear-jerking engagement moments that tug at the heartstrings. Even if you are not of the romantic persuasion, you have to admit […]