Oval Cut Diamond Ring

This beautiful piece is an oval cut diamond ring with diamonds running along the shoulders. Created by Lazare Kaplan in the 1960’s, oval diamonds are a modified round brilliant-cut. Since the two shapes possess a similar light refracting properties, the oval is an ideal choice for a customer who likes the look of a round diamond but wants something more unique. Usually, those looking for a vintage or vintage-inspired jewellery piece will choose an oval cut as their centre stone.

Oval diamonds have the added advantage of an elongated shape, which can create the illusion of a greater diamond size. This is great for those wanting to get the most out of the diamond. Compared to a 1ct round cut, ovals have an average of having a 10% increase in surface area. The slender shape can also make the finger of the wearer appear longer and slimmer, an effect often desired. An oval diamond will always make for a stunning jewellery piece and is perfect for those wanting an elegant but non-traditional ring. In fact, Kate Middleton’s engagement ring (that was originally Princess Diana’s) is a beautiful oval sapphire.

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