Serena Williams Engagement Ring

Tennis champion, Serena Williams got engaged over the Christmas last year to her boyfriend of 18 months, Alexis Ohanian. Her now-husband, the co-founder of Reddit, organised a surprise proposal in Rome – where the couple first met – and Williams confirmed the news with a poem posted on Reddit: “At the same table where we first met by chance, This time he made it not by chance, But by choice, Down on one knee, He said four words, And I said ‘Yes’.”

Williams first shared a picture on Alexis Ohanian’s site, Reddit. Famously a fan of diamonds – she usually wears a clutch of pavé-diamond bands, but has officially now swapped it for something absolutely stunning. Williams’s engagement ring didn’t disappoint, bearing an incredibly high carat, large central solitaire. Estimating at 12ct, the diamond looks to be an emerald cut, on an encrusted platinum band. The ring is a classic setting with an additional two side stones flanking the center diamond. Depending on the quality of the diamond, (although no doubt Ohanian only the got best for Williams,) this ring could run upwards of $2,000,000 retail.

Many admirers and press have noted the fabulous size of the diamond, but you needn’t buy the largest diamond to make a stunning ring. For help or advice, get in touch using the form below or by calling us. We offer a bespoke service and can work with your budget and requirements. Every aspect of the ring can be adjusted so it really becomes a creation of your own.

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