Partial Bezel Set Diamond Ring With Prongs

This beautiful ring perfectly shows off the row of shimmering diamonds, with the prongs grasping each stone, keeping them spaced evenly around the ring. The prongs contain pillars that hold the ring up and encourage light to flow through the diamond, highlighting its’ brilliance, while still holding the stone securely in place. In a bezel-set ring, metal is formed around the shape of the diamond, and the top of the stone sits flush to the perimeter of the setting. While this setting is the old-fashioned way of setting a gemstone, popular until the late 19th century, the bezel setting reemerged in the 1990s as a popular choice for admirers of simple, contemporary jewelry.

There are two options for bezel settings: a full bezel (which encircles the entire stone) and a partial bezel (which holds two sides of the stone but leaves openings on the other two). For people who work directly with other people, play sports or use their hands a lot, this clean, modern ring keeps diamonds snug and prevents them from snagging on things, knocking against surfaces or scratching other people because the prongs lie flush against the diamonds. If you would like to find out more about this ring style, or would like to purchase a similar style of ring we can design a ring for you in our workshops, made bespoke to your needs. Just get in touch with one of our expert team members using the form below.