The Latest Trends for Engagement Rings in 2021


The annual festive season finds itself in the middle of the all-important engagement season, which is said to range from November through to February, amid big dates in the calendar including Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Valentine’ Day.

2020 saw a return to simplicity – and in classic-2020 style, we will be waving goodbye to this trend, and say hello to exciting new fashions and ring designs. This post will explore the latest and top Hatton Garden engagement ring trends that we predict and expect to see in the early months, and throughout 2021.

Intricate detailing will make a big comeback in 2021, in both the ring shape and diamond layout. This does not mean subtlety will be abandoned, instead, intricate details will keep simple details personalised and exceptionally special.



Bright gems, including ruby, emerald and blue sapphire have seen a growth in popularity in recent years, with the masses taking inspiration from the Duchess of Cambridge’s 12-carat Gerrard sapphire engagement ring, Katy Perry’s oval-cut ruby ring and Olivia Wilde’s emerald halo ring. 2020 saw a continuation in this pattern.

We expect 2021 to see a slight adjustment in this trend. Colour will not be abandoned, but instead slightly adjusted – pastels will be the new ‘bright’. Paler hued stones, such as pale yellows and pinks. Canary yellow stones will be replaced with paler yellows and emerald will be replaced with softer green tones.

The coloured hues are additionally no longer strictly reserved for the centre stone. Instead, it is predicted that some will opt for a band of lighter-coloured stones to. The white, sparkly setting may see a transition to pale-coloured gemstones.




Gallery detailing

Gallery detailing is a trend we expect to see gain momentum this coming year. The gallery of the engagement ring is visible from the side view, below which the centre stone is mounted upon. It is essentially a hidden detail, not totally visible when looking at the ring from above. As such, it provides the wearer with a personal detail, an angle that only they can see and appreciate.

Gallery detailing gives an extra special and elegant upgrade to classic solitaire ring styles. Further, the addition can be adorned in a way to represent an intricate love heart or infinity symbol shape which can be representative of everlasting love.


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Split shank design

The split shank style is very distinctive and unique. As the ring band reaches the centre stone, it parts to create a space in-between and appearance of two ring bands. The shape frames the centre-stone, and is a popular choice amongst celebrities such as Beyoncé.

The two parts of the band join together and meet at the centre stone, representing the two parties coming together beautifully.




Multiple stones

Two and three stone engagement rings are on the rise, and we expect their popularity to soar in 2021. The trend elevated when Meghan Markle upgraded her gold band to a three-stone engagement ring. This is where the centre stone is elevated by two smaller stones on either side. Not only does it look elegant, but each stone is representative of the love story; the past, present and future.

Two stone rings correspond with the French saying ‘Toi et Moi’ – You and me. The two stones represent two parties becoming one. The style is non-traditional, where the band does not join but is separated with a gap between the two larger stones.





Fashion has seen a swing away from fast-fashion towards more sustainable and eco-conscious brands rising in popularity. It is no different for the jewellery market too. A push for sustainability has led to couples looking for ethically sourced diamonds as well as recycled metal bands.

Expectations have changed. This transition corresponds to the rise of zero-waste weddings. Conflict-free diamonds have been particularly popular amongst figures like Meghan Markle and Penelope Cruz. They look like mined diamonds, but hold a much less controversial background.

Lab-grown diamonds are much more affordable too, which makes them a popular alternative to mined diamonds for the centre stone of engagement rings in 2021.