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The Latest Trends for Engagement Rings in 2021


The annual festive season finds itself in the middle of the all-important engagement season, which is said to range from November through to February, amid big dates in the calendar including Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Valentine’ Day. 2020 saw a return to simplicity – and in classic-2020 style, we will be waving goodbye to […]

Black Friday and Engagement Rings


December is supposedly the most popular time of the year to pop the all-important question – Will you marry me? This is certainly fitting, since the festive period is full of love and warmth. But however, what makes this decision to propose even greater is that November is the perfect month to make the important […]

How to Find The Best Jewellery Offers During the Black Friday Sales


This year Black Friday falls on the 27th November. With shops in the UK closed under the new lockdown measures, it is incredibly likely that most shops will take to their sites to post their best product sales. In advance of this change, buyers can flag their favourite items digitally by bookmarking or listing so […]

How to Pick an Engagement Ring Your Partner Will Love


An engagement ring can be one of the biggest purchases you make, not in terms of money, but also in sentimental value. Therefore, when picking a ring for your loved one, you’ll want to make sure it’s perfect. One major priority people have when planning to propose to their partner is how to find a […]

How to Get the Best Prices When Selling Your Jewellery


Selling your unwanted jewellery not only helps to de-clutter your jewellery box, but also  earns you some money for doing so. Whilst selling your valuable pieces can be a great way to get some extra cash, it isn’t always that easy fetching the best prices for them. Whilst cash-for-gold companies may seem like a quick […]

How Do Different Cultures View Engagement Rings?


Whilst the idea of marriage, and the promise that two people will spend the rest of their lives together, is a popular dynamic across the world, the way in which this is expressed differs from culture to culture. Many different areas of the globe will have their own meaningful traditions surrounding marriage, some using symbolic […]

Engagement Rings – Where To Start? The Ultimate Guide for Single Guys


So, you’ve decided to pop the question, congratulations! You’re now probably thinking of buying the engagement ring, however, with so many different options, price ranges and providers, where on earth do you start?? Your fiancé-to-be is unique, and so it’s important to tailor any engagement ring to their own distinct tastes and preferences, all the […]