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Lab-Grown Diamonds: Frequently Asked Questions


Lab-grown diamonds are becoming a popular stone choice for engagement rings, but many buyers are sceptical because they don’t know much about them.  If you want to know more about these stones, GIA and IGS are trustworthy sources you can consult. However, few of us have time to do extensive research, so we compiled a […]

Why Lab Diamond Certificates Matter

Lab grown diamonds

A Guide to Lab-Grown Diamond Certification Lab-grown diamonds are on the rise, with their global market volume expected to reach 19.2 million carats by 2030. Slowly but surely, suppliers and consumers are shifting from mined diamonds to lab-grown stones.  With higher demand comes a need for recognised manufacturers that follow set guidelines and can guarantee […]

Do Wedding Bands Need to Match?


Weddings were not immune to the changes brought about by the pandemic. From matching wedding face masks to ceremonies held on Zoom, we saw many creative wedding planning solutions these past years.  However, no matter how many things changed, certain traditional aspects remained, and wedding bands are one of them. There’s something special and magical […]

How to Choose a Unique Engagement Ring?

With a predicted value of £3.3 billion for 2022, the jewellery industry in the UK seems to be thriving. Regarding jewellery, one of the most popular types is engagement rings. Yet, turning to the same old ring models and designs offers no uniqueness during the proposal experience – which is why originality and personalisation are […]

Platinum vs. Gold: Which Should You Get for Your Ring?

Rings are personal items. The gem, the design, and the material are all choices that reflect the wearer’s unique style and preference. For this reason, Hatton Garden lets you choose the metal for your rings.  You can pick platinum, white gold, rose gold, or yellow gold – whichever suits your ring best. There is no […]

Tips for Choosing the Right Wedding Bands

wedding bands for him and her

Choosing the Right Wedding Bands to Suit Both the Bride and Groom Wedding bands are no small investment—the average British couple spends around £2,000 on rings. And the rings are worth it as a one-time symbol of lasting love and fidelity to one another during the couple’s wedding day. This is why it’s even more important […]