Four-Claw Solitaire Ring

Along with the six-claw solitaire, the four-claw solitaire ring is one of the most traditional ring styles, and would perhaps even be considered as iconic. This ring is beautifully presented and adorned with smaller diamonds running along its shoulders. A great choice for those that want to make the most of their diamond. Four prongs let in a lot of light compared to other settings, which makes the centre diamond really sparkle and shine. For the same reasons, the four-claw setting is recommended when the size of your diamond is small (less than 1 carat). You don’t want the additional metal prongs to look overbearing and make the diamond appear even smaller than it already seems. We offer a bespoke ring service so if you’re interested in this style of ring then just get in touch using the contact form. We work with your budget and to your needs, so get in touch through the contact form below or call to see what we can do for you.