The most common diamond buying mistakes


If you have proposed to your loved one with a diamond ring, or you are in the process of arranging to do so, congratulations! When purchasing a diamond for a partner, it is typically the only time you have purchased a gem of this kind. That makes things tricky, as it means you are more likely to make diamond purchasing errors.

To help you with your diamond buying, we have put together the most frequently made errors when picking a diamond.

  • Buying a diamond online
  • Thinking that all graded diamonds are the same
  • Rushing through the diamond process
  • Failing to compromise
  • Buying on the basis of the diamond certificate
  • Not considering the diamond ‘cut’

Let’s take a closer look at each of these commonly made diamond mistakes:


Buying a diamond online

Deciding to pick a diamond online before seeing it in person is a risky bet to make – and potentially a very costly one! For example, it may mean the jeweller has a large amount of stock, suggesting that each and every stone has not been individually assessed for quality and grading. When you are making such a special purchase, is it really worth it? Seeing the diamond in person also provides you a good idea of its luminescence, fluorescence, polish and overall appearance that you just can’t gauge online.


Thinking that all graded diamonds are the same

It is simply not the case that all grades and graded diamonds have the same standards. The main reason for this is that standards in diamond grading laboratories vary widely worldwide.

For example, some may not be as strict with diamond certifications, meaning you may end up with what is an overpriced diamond.

The best way of ensuring you avoid this error is to pick a GIA diamond. GIA laboratories are the most reputable and trusted globally. Every single diamond has been graded at least twice, and all adhere to high-quality standards for accurate grading.


Rushing through the diamond process

This is a diamond ring that will be on the hand of your loved one for the rest of their life, so why hurry the process? It will be one of the most important purchases in your lifetime, so take your time to avoid making mistakes. Make the most of the expertise and knowledge of a trusted jeweller to guide you through decision making.

Failing to compromise

The exact amount you should spend on a diamond engagement ring is an age-old question. Some say you should spend three months’ salary, others say less.




However, in reality, the most important thing you should be considering is what you can afford to get and what you want for your ring. Don’t spend for the absolute sake of it, just take time to consider what your partner would like most.


Buying on the basis of the diamond certificate

Another common diamond buying mistake is choosing a ring on the basis of the diamond certificate alone. Whilst numbers will have an impact on your ultimate decision, it isn’t advised to buy on the basis of the diamond certification.

This is because diamonds are all different from one another – they are never identical. For example, two diamonds may have the same grading, but may widely differ in terms of how they look.


Not considering the diamond ‘cut’

It is wise not to underestimate the most important of the four-diamond characteristics – cut. Of course, you should take time to consider each of the C’s (cut, carat, colour, and clarity) but this is the key characteristic, as a high cut grade will make it sparkly and stand out. It will also enhance the overall colour of the diamond.