The Facets of Buying Diamond Earrings in Hatton Garden

Diamond Earrings Hatton Garden

Diamond Earrings

Choose the perfect diamond earrings Hatton Garden has to offer with our simple guide.

Versatile and classic, a pair of diamond earrings can elevate an everyday outfit or add the final touch to an elegant dinner ensemble. Although with so many factors to consider when buying diamond earrings, choosing the exact right pair for you can be something of a challenge. The good news is you can find our comprehensive guide that covers all the facets of buying diamond earrings in Hatton Garden, below.


It’s common to think that bigger is best when it comes to diamond earrings. However, the size or carat weight of the diamond you choose depends on two key things. The first of these is your budget. After all, more carats mean more cost. Although personal taste should also come into play here. Indeed, for those of us looking for a more minimalist style, a pair with fewer carrots may be the right choice.

It’s also worth noting that as diamonds increase in size it’s also a lot easier to perceive the flaws within them. What this means is when you size up, you will often need to increase the quality of the stones you are choosing, as well, something that can have a considerable effect on the price.

Setting and Style

No matter what size of diamond you choose for your diamond earrings Hatton Garden, the look of the final product can be maximized by choosing the correct setting and style. The settings of your diamonds refer to how they are positioned in the earning.

For example, a single diamond is known as a solitaire, whereas a piece made up of smaller multiple diamonds in different arrangements can be known as a cluster, halo, or pave. Often larger and smaller diamonds will be used in combination.

Of course, the thing to know here is that single, larger diamonds always cost more than those of equal weight that are smaller. That means you can get multiple smaller diamonds for the same price as a larger one and create an impressive setting to best show them off.

The style of a diamond is also often known as the type and refers to the way the diamond is cut. Indeed, the style of diamond that you choose for your earning is important because some provide better radiance such as princess or round cut, while others possess a classical beauty which makes them ideal for those that prefer a more vintage look, like the cushion or emerald cut.

Clarity and colour

Clarity is all about the inclusions or lack of them in the diamond earrings Hatton Garden you buy. Indeed, diamonds with the fewest inclusions have the best clarity and are accordingly the most expensive.

It is also important to consider the colour of your diamond earrings. Indeed, this is a factor that can be thought about in two ways. The first is by actual colour, also known as fancy diamonds. Fancy colour diamonds come in a variety of shades such as yellow, pink, and champagne and can be ideal for earrings.

However, traditionally diamonds are prized due to their lack of colour or colourlessness. Indeed, the ones that have the least colour are graded D, while the ones with the most are graded Z.

Although it is worth noting that, you may not need quite the level of clarity or colour with diamond earrings as you would do any other jewellery. The reason is that they are mostly viewed from a distance when being worn.