Personalising Your Lab Grown Engagement Ring in London

Lab-grown diamond engagement rings are up to 40% cheaper than mined diamonds, yet they look completely identical to natural diamonds. Of course, there is a multitude of stunning engagement ring designs on the market. Yet, despite this, it could be even more special for your loved one to have a ring which is one of a kind because it has been designed specifically for them.

A personalised lab-grown engagement ring in London allows you to create a ring which compliments exactly what you desire.

Personalising your lab-grown engagement ring can be a compelling and enriching experience. Regardless, you may feel overwhelmed with the many decisions you need to make to create a personalised engagement ring. Fear not because this article offers some assistance with getting you started.

What is a lab-grown engagement ring?

Lab-grown diamonds are produced by depositing chemical vapour. The process of lab-grown diamonds is a speeded-up version of what happens within the earth’s crust over millions of years. With personalised lab-grown diamond engagement rings, you will have the opportunity to have the full say over every millimetre of your engagement ring design. So, where to start with designing your lab-grown engagement ring in London?

Shape, Cut, Colour & Clarity

The four main considerations you will need to explore for your personalised lab-grown engagement ring in London are shape, cut, colour and clarity.


Perhaps it will be sensible to begin by deciding on your favoured shape. Some popular shapes that people tend to opt for are:

  • Round
  • Princess
  • Oval
  • Emerald
  • Cushion
  • Radiant

But there are many more shapes available, and what’s exciting is that it is completely up to you to get creative with your preferred shape.


Next up, you will need to consider which type of cut to opt for. When designing a personalised lab diamond this is a critical step. This is because the quality of the cut will have an influence over the sparkle of the ring. The cut involves the symmetry, proportioning and polishing of the diamond, and a professional designer can assist you with this step.


After this, you may want to think about the colour of your personalised engagement ring. D, E and F colour grade lab diamonds are colourless and therefore tend to be more expensive. The closer a stone comes to being colourless, the higher the grade. G and H colour grades will appear colourless when viewed face up. Remember that the colour grade will directly impact the ring’s overall appearance.


Clarity is a measure of the purity and rarity of the diamond. IF and FL diamonds are the best in clarity, but these tend to be priced higher. Rings with a VS1 or VS2 clarity tend to be more affordable.

Work closely with your designer

A designer can assist you in making the best decision for each step of the process. They will listen to your thoughts and help turn your vision into a reality. Their expertise will provide you with the best knowledge and advice on how to create the perfect personalised engagement ring for you.

Here at Hatton Garden Diamond, we have a design and restoration team, who can help to put together your perfect personalised lab-grown engagement ring in London, for you or someone special.

In search of a lab-grown engagement ring in London? Our experienced and knowledgeable team can guide you step by step, ensuring together, we create the perfect personalised engagement ring for you. To discuss your requirements, please contact us on 0207 404 9202 or book an appointment.