Four Claw Princess Cut Ring

A stunning four claw princess cut ring, this has a few lovely design intricacies that set this ring apart. First is the positioning of the claws, which is at North-South-East-West. This is a relatively new four-claw style for a round brilliant cut diamond. A North-South-East-West positioning of the claw brings out more of a circular look from the diamond compared to the usual four-claw which gives more of a squarish look. It’s entirely up to preference as both settings allow for plenty of light to shine through the diamond for that extra sparkle. The second is that the four claws are in a twist setting which gives the ring a slight floral look to it. Whilst this one features a beautiful princess cut diamond, this would also suit a round cut diamond. The ring is made in platinum, however, it can be made with any precious metals, such as gold. Such a piece would be a great choice for those looking for something subtly different in an engagement ring. If you like to see rings similar to our four claw princess cut ring, take a look at one of our other four claw rings here.

We offer a bespoke service and can change specifications such as diamond carat and ring sizes. So, if you’re interested in this particular style, or just have any queries, just get in touch using the contact form. Alternatively, you can give us a call or visit one of our stores located in Hatton Garden.