Engagement Ring Trends to Watch Out in 2023

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Welcome to 2023, a wonderful year to choose an even more wonderful engagement ring for that very special someone. In particular, 2023 is the year for the most unique and original engagement rings – from meaningful and understated elegance, to something more eccentric and flamboyant.  

So, if you are looking for engagement rings online in the UK to pop the question this year, Hatton Garden Diamond is here to help. Here are some of our favourite engagement ring trends to watch out for in 2023 that you may want to consider when choosing your very own.  


Vintage and antique engagement ring designs are one of the most popular engagement ring trends that you will see this year. These beautiful and classic designs simply have an extraordinary timeless appeal that will last more than one lifetime.  

If you like the idea of vintage, but are not wholly compelled, then a modern vintage engagement ring may be the one for you, combining both the aspects of vintage engagement rings and contemporary ones to form an engagement ring that is entirely unique to your tastes.  

Two (or three!) is Better than One 

Although an engagement ring with one stone is beautiful enough, sometimes more than one is the better alternative, depending on your (and your loved one’s) preferences. This is exactly why engagement rings with two or more stones are in vogue for 2023. 

Also known as toi et moi (you and me) engagement rings for two-stone rings, and trilogy engagement rings for three-stone rings, these types of rings are perfect for those where one stone simply does not express the overflowing amount of love that you have for your other half.  

Big and Bold 

Despite the growing popularity of toi et moi and trilogy engagement rings, one-stone rings or solitaire rings are still a prominent choice for those buying an engagement ring. However, in 2023, we are seeing not simple, traditional solitaire rings, but bigger and bolder diamond cuts that are heavy with love.  

What is a better way to show your love, devotion, and appreciation for your loved one other than a big and dazzling, large-cut diamond?  

Heart Cut 

If the soon-to-be-married couple lean more on the unconventional side when it comes to engagement rings, a heart cut diamond as the centre stone may be worth looking into. A romantic and endearing choice, a heart-cut setting is certainly a one-of-a-kind approach to engagement rings.  

Express your love in the symbol of love itself – the heart – and customise it to your liking, from plain bands and shoulders, to a halo setting with smaller cut diamonds embellished within the shoulders. Elegant and chic, you do not want to miss this engagement ring trend in 2023. 

Unique Engagement Rings at Hatton Garden Diamond 

When looking for engagement rings online in the UK, look no further than at London’s very own Hatton Garden Diamond. As a family-run business and with decades of expertise under our belt, you can rest assured that your bespoke diamond engagement ring is not only made from high quality, lab-grown diamonds, but also with that extra touch of care that you would not get anywhere else.  

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