Are Lab Grown Diamonds Real?

lab grown Diamond ring

An Overview of Lab Grown Diamonds: What You Should Know

As more people are educated on the benefits of lab grown diamonds, they are becoming an increasingly popular choice of diamond used for engagement and wedding rings, as well as other special jewellery pieces. 

Are lab grown diamonds real? 

First things first, you may be thinking, are lab grown diamonds real diamonds? The answer is yes. 

Lab grown diamonds are simply produced inside a laboratory as opposed to being mined from the earth. Yet, this does not mean that they are fake diamonds. They are still real diamonds which have been grown in the space of a few weeks instead of taking billions of years to form in the earth.

In fact, the chemical composition of a lab grown diamond and an earth mined diamond is identical. 

What differentiates a lab grown diamond from a real diamond? 

If you were to first look at a lab-grown diamond, there would be nothing to suggest that it had been lab-grown. Lab grown diamonds are practically identical to naturally mined diamonds. So, in terms of looks, there is nothing differentiating a lab-grown diamond from a naturally mined one. 

Most jewellers would struggle to find the difference between a lab-grown diamond and a “real” one. 

The only thing differentiating lab grown diamonds from naturally mined diamonds is the way in which the diamond has been formed. 

Lab grown diamonds are formed through the use of cutting-edge technology which replicates the natural process of diamond formation. Instead of taking billions of years to form, the diamond can be formed within the lab in just a few weeks.

What happens in the process of creating lab grown diamonds?

There are two processes within the laboratory which can form diamonds: HPHT and CVD.


HPHT is short for High Pressure High Temperature. This imitates the process of diamonds growing in nature. It subjects carbon to high temperatures whilst pressing it together. 


CVD is short for Chemical Vapor Deposition. This process uses a mix of hydrogen and methane gas which is placed in a chamber with a seed crystal. Usually, microwave power will heat the chamber up to a high temperature, which reacts with the gas. Then, the diamond will grow on the seed crystal. 

The CVD process is more affordable than HPHT which is why it is becoming the most common method to create lab grown diamonds. 

What is the cost of a lab grown diamond?

Lab grown diamonds are up to 40% cheaper than mined diamonds. This means that many more of us can afford diamonds, whereas, in the past, many people may never have been able to afford a high-quality diamond ring or piece of jewellery. 

Saving up to 40% on your diamond could mean that you would be able to afford an even bigger diamond when opting for lab-grown. 

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