Diamond Shapes

This is usually the starting point when choosing a diamond, what shape of diamond are you looking for?

As you are looking for an engagement ring, the world of different shapes will open up to you.

There are many varieties of the way the diamond has been cut, the round brilliant cut is by far the most popular shape of diamond. With its scintillation and its shinning face, you can see why. Keep in mind that if you have had a hint from your other half or a family member that knows something you don’t, we wouldn’t go against that advise!

There are two different sections on how a diamond is cut. “Step cuts” (Emerald & Asscher), this allows you to really see the clarity in the diamond, almost seeing straight through the stone. The other cut, “Brilliant cuts”(Pear, Cushion, Princess and Round) allows the diamond to maximise sparkle – light returning through the diamond making it truly sparkle.

Make no mistake about it, diamond cut is different to diamond shape.


Round Cut Diamonds

The round brilliant cut diamond, some people say what a diamond should look like. With this shape being by far the most popular not only in the united Kingdom, but globally. It is the iconic shape of the solitaire ring and has the most scintillation when comparing it to any other cut. A near 70% of all diamonds purchased globally are round brilliant.


Radiant Cut Diamonds

This is the original square cut, the Princess cut being the second to have the brilliant – cut pattern for both the pavilion and the crown. Creating a vibrant, bouncy, unique shape diamond. Blending a combination ofsparkle from the round brilliant and the shape of the emerald cut. Also known as the rectangular cut, full of life.


Oval Cut Diamonds

One of our top selling diamond shapes. The gorgeous curves on this diamond have been created with the round brilliant cut sparkle. The oval shape, has the added advantage of an elongated shape, which can create the illusion of greater size.


Pear Cut Diamonds

Finding it hard to choose between a Marquise or the round brilliant cut? You have to take a look at the Pear cut diamond. Slowly tapering to a point, often passed as the tear drop diamond, giving the wearer the option on what way (facing up or down) the diamond can be shown. The upper and lower curves on the diamond should be uniform, symmetrical and must have no straight edges.


Marquise Cut Diamonds

A unique cut of a diamond, with some calling it the “boat cut”. This diamond shape screams out elegance and class. With the marquise cut being around for centuries, though it cannot brag the same level of popularity as the princess or round cuts, its traditional, long, narrow shape looks excellent on a ring finger.


Heart Cut Diamonds

A shape that most people recognise, the obvious heart shape. The symbol of devotion and love, this diamond shape is very popular amongst the romantic people in this world. An engagement ring or just a sign of love, this diamond shape suits all needs.


Princess Cut Diamonds

Being the square version of the round brilliant, no sparkle is lost when it comes to the princess cut.The second most popular diamond shape is the princess cut, a square cut diamond. Straight from corner to corner, this shape has exploded over the recent years. The four bevelled sides allow the light dispersion more than the other fancy shaped diamonds.


Cushion Cut Diamonds

Growing in popularity year after year, versatile in many different styles of bands, the cushion cut should definitely come into mind if looking for a fancy shape. A princess cut shape with rounded off corners (like a cushion you may sleep on), this may appeal if you are not too keen on the edges of the princess cut. These modified brilliants can sometimes have the “crushed ice” affect, making the scintillation almost match that of the round brilliant cut.


Emerald Cut Diamonds

Not to be mistaken for the radiant cut, this shape allows you to almost see straight through the diamond. Often referred to as the mirror cut diamond, the cut is truly remarkable. Not as sparkly as the other cuts, the emerald cut relies on its clarity (recommend VS+ due to its large facets) to enhance the diamonds characteristics.


Asscher Cut Diamonds

A stunning take on the princess and emerald cut combination. Also known as the square emerald on certificates. Often referred to as the mirror cut diamond, the cut is truly remarkable. A deep pavilion and a faceted culet, there is no cut quite like the Asscher.

The total cost of your diamond ring will differ due to the “Four C’s”, clarity, cut, colour, carat and the shape of the diamond. The design of the ring will also have an influence on the price. We stock a large range of GIA certified diamonds that cover the majority of specifications. We have listed a guide price for the most sort after diamonds below.

These prices include VAT and take into account “No Fluorescence” and a “Very Good” cut grade as a minimum. Please feel free to contact us for any further information.