When to Give an Engagement Ring


When you meet someone and everything just seems to click into place, when is the right time to give an engagement ring and propose? Is it after a year? Maybe it’s after 6 months? 2 days? You may laugh at the last suggestion, but you’d be surprised how many people rush into things in the heat of the moment while the relationship is still relatively young.

Although everyone will have their own opinion and reasons for the time they think you should give an engagement ring and effectively propose, there is no actual definitive answer. Like many things in life, there is no magic formula. How then, do you decide? While we do believe that every couple is different, we have given it some thought and done some research, and this is what we have found. When the time is right and you do decide to propose we have some of the best guides on how to pick out an engagement ring and wedding rings

You Need to Know What Your Partner is Like in Good Times and Bad Times

One of the keys to determining whether it’s the right or wrong time to give an engagement ring is thinking about all the shared experiences you have had. The danger of rushing into things because they feel spectacular during those first few months or weeks of being together is that you don’t actually know what that person is going to be like when things are not going so well.

Let’s face it, in this life, you experience both the good times and bad times. That’s why it is worth thinking about the range of experiences you have had together. Without giving a number to it, within the space of a year, a lot can happen – you can experience bereavement, employment issues, illness and so much more.

What Are Your Own and Your Partner’s Expectations?

As we noted at the outset, everyone seems to have an opinion. Many people have expectations about how long a relationship should last before engagement, marriage etc. Even if they don’t have a set timeframe in mind, they will have a whole philosophy and thought process based on their experiences, culture, and family. It is important to make sure you understand their feelings about when it is right to propose and move forward with the relationship. If you don’t, you could be setting yourself up for some awkward and potentially heart-breaking situations.

Are You Still in the Romantic Love Stage?

Finally, another crucial thing to consider when deciding when you should give an engagement ring to your partner is by thinking about whether or not you are still in the initial romantic love stage. Those first stages when everything feels dreamy and your partner can do no wrong. We’re not suggesting that all your feelings are wrong or imaginary, but during that period, you are not always as rational as you should be, until you reach the point where you are both comfortable in the relationship and have disagreements.

Once you have worked out what stage of the relationship you are both in you can then decide how soon you want to propose. Some people like to go Propose and fly to Las Vegas to be married over a whole weekend. Some couples like to plan their engagement proposals together for a big spectacular event with friends and family present. What is important is that you get the perfect engagement ring designed and made by a jeweller that makes stunning and superior diamonds.

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Remember, no one knows your relationship better than you and your partner. When things feel right and if you keep the above points in mind, you can give your engagement ring to your beloved wife to be.

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