How to Pick Out Your Wedding Ring


Your wedding ring is one of, if not the most, important pieces of jewellery you’ll wear in your lifetime, not only signifying the love and commitment you hold to your other half, but also being a piece you’ll wear more than anything else.

With this in mind, you’ll want to get a ring or wedding band that stands the test of time, one you’ll like the look of for years to come, and one that’ll fit in seamlessly with your everyday lifestyle.

A wedding band is different to an engagement ring from Hatton Garden. An engagement ring typically has a band (gold or silver) with a stone in the middle. A wedding band is a plain ring of gold, silver or platinum, is typically worn by both partners and is often without diamonds, although it can include diamonds based on personal taste.

When picking out the perfect wedding ring, it can help to ask yourself the following questions:


What Style Should My Wedding Ring Be?

Given how much the ring will be worn, you’ll surely want to choose one you love, and that fits in with your sense of style.

Whilst you may be set on the idea of a certain style, be it a plain gold ring or a diamond-studded band, it might help to try on a variety of different options – including ones you’d never initially thought of. Much like wedding dresses, you could end up loving a style you’d never even considered before.

Going to a reputable jewellers and exploring your options is an essential part to the ring-picking process, helping you to see what different styles look like on, and how well they fit with your style overall.

Wedding Bands
Wedding bands typically come in gold, silver or platinum and can also be inscribed with a personal message.


Should My Wedding Ring Match My Partner’s?

Whether your wedding ring should match your partner’s is entirely up to you. Whilst some people like their wedding rings to match, whether this is in metal, colour or style, it’s not necessary for them to. This is the case especially if your partner prefers a certain style whilst you prefer another.

For those who want their wedding rings to match, it could also be worth considering the style of the engagement ring, as this will typically want to be worn with a wedding band that compliments it. Therefore, taking into account the style of the engagement ring could have a knock-on effect on both yours and your partner’s wedding bands.

Engagement Ring
Rianna and George with their marvellous ring from Regency Jewels


How Should I Size My Wedding Ring?

Wedding rings are rarely taken off, meant to be worn throughout all your daily activities and in all of the different seasons of the year. Throughout the days, months and years, your fingers can swell and contract, whether this is through exercising, the change in temperature, pregnancy or otherwise. Therefore, it’s important to size your ring correctly to keep it as comfortable as possible to wear throughout your daily life.

You should never finalise the size of your ring just after exercising (as your fingers can swell) or when extremely hot/cold (whereby your hands can expand or shrink). It’s best to do your final ring fitting when calm and at a normal temperature to get the ring fixed at an optimal size. For more information, see ring resizing.



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What Style Should it Be?

Most wedding bands are plain, but can include a row of diamonds according to your taste. Some couples prefer the traditional gold or platinum wedding bands or for something slick and modern like black. This depends on personal taste and not forgetting that you can always get your wedding band changed or resized if you need to at some point!

Some wedding bands can be encrusted with diamonds



What Should the Budget Be?

As is the same with the cost of the engagement ring, your budget for the wedding bands should be whatever you’re comfortable with spending, and also in line with what you can realistically afford.

However, it’s also worth noting that these bands are meant to be durable and worn throughout a person’s lifetime. Therefore, it’s important to invest some money into these rings, as the higher the quality, the more durable they are likely to be.


Does The Ring Fit My Lifestyle?

The goal with your wedding band is to have it fit in with your lifestyle, and to not get in the way of your daily activities. For example, if you play an instrument or are involved with sports, certain designs for the ring may be more appropriate than others.

Additionally, if your work is manual, it might be best to opt for a more simple, solid piece rather than an embellished band with stones that could potentially come loose or get dirt trapped in them.

When trying on rings, it might help to try and test it for comfort, having ones you prefer on for a few minutes, trying to write with them or use your phone whilst wearing it.

At the end of the day, there’s no right or wrong answer for what your wedding band should be like. What’s most important is that it fits in with your everyday life, your own unique style, and is something you’ll enjoy wearing as a symbol of the commitment to your loved one.


Some Final Tips from Hatton Garden Diamond!

  • Make sure you get an official certificate when buying your wedding ring. This will confirm its purchase and valuation for re-sale or insurance purposes.
  • Be sure to get your wedding ring cleaned regularly (at least ever 2 years)
  • Make sure your wedding ring is insured and can be replaced if lost or damaged


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