Is it bad luck to see your engagement ring before the proposal?

As you may be aware, there are a lot of strange superstitions in the world, especially surrounding big life events in our lives, like engagements and weddings. Many of these are generally borne out of ancient beliefs and are meant to help you ward off bad luck in your relationship or evil spirits.

One of those is that it was considered bad luck for the female recipient to see her engagement ring or even try it on before it was offered to her when her significant other proposed to her. Is there actually any truth in this and do these superstitions hold any weight in 2021?

Is it really considered bad luck to see your engagement ring before the proposal?

Superstitions are curious beliefs that are surprisingly widespread across the world, mostly based on emotions and psychology rather than anything approaching logic. We don’t think it is any more bad luck to see your engagement ring before it is offered to you than it is to cross paths with a black cat or walk under a ladder. We do think that being open and honest with one another about personal preferences regarding different ring types or cut of diamond is the more practical approach and will mean that there is more of a chance of both of you being eternally happy with the ring post proposal.

Does that mean you should see your engagement ring before you are offered it, though?

Let’s consider some aspects of engagements and weddings.

Big Milestone Moment

It is common for many women to have dreams of getting married. Many have strong ideas about what they want their wedding to be like and what every aspect will be like, from the dress to the setting and the man they marry. Although they may not be able to have their true dream wedding, as their situation, budget and other factors will come into play, their wedding is still one of the most important days of their life.

The engagement is like the precursory event to that big moment and is equally important. It’s likely you have heard the stories of other people’s exciting, beautiful, quirky, and romantic engagements and have also heard about the ones that didn’t go quite as well. If you know what the engagement ring is like, how it feels on and even what it looks like when you are wearing it. That big milestone moment may be ruined which may sully the whole experience.

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Element of Surprise

Putting aside the whole superstition thing. If you don’t believe in superstitions, there may still be a good reason why you should avoid seeing your engagement ring before it is offered to you – the element of surprise. Further to the point above about it being a big milestone moment in your life, a lot of what makes it so big and special is the element of surprise.

Although it can be practical to know that your finger fits the ring and that you like it, it may ruin the moment and take away from it just how special it is if you have seen and worn the ring before the proposal.

It Really is Up To You

In conclusion, when it comes to deciding whether or not you should see your engagement ring or wear it before your partner has proposed, the decision should be based on what feels right to you. If you feel it won’t hurt to try it on and help pick it out, then do things that way, whereas if you want the big surprise and memorable moment, let your partner pick it out for you and enjoy the whirlwind of emotions. Either way, the important thing is you are getting married!