How to Choose a Unique Engagement Ring?

With a predicted value of £3.3 billion for 2022, the jewellery industry in the UK seems to be thriving. Regarding jewellery, one of the most popular types is engagement rings. Yet, turning to the same old ring models and designs offers no uniqueness during the proposal experience – which is why originality and personalisation are key.  

Let’s examine what makes for unique engagement rings and go over the ring styles and shapes available – with some expert tips thrown in. 

What Makes an Engagement Ring Unique?

A unique engagement ring deviates from recognisable designs and offers new patterns, stone shapes, or embellishments that tell a story. Unique engagement rings are designed to catch people’s eye, bear significance and leave the right impression of love and commitment.

Types of Unique Engagement Rings

When speaking of unique engagement rings, we usually refer to a few of the ring’s elements that may stand out compared to the rest. Thus, a ring can boast uniqueness based on its overall style or the particular shape of the diamond. Here’s the breakdown of all elements. 


  • Solitaire – draws attention to the diamond
  • Shoulders – a modern take on a classic solitaire
  • Halo – diamond looks larger
  • Trilogy – three diamonds are better than one
  • Vintage – revitalising old glamour
  • Tension – contemporary and out-there


  • Round
  • Oval
  • Heart
  • Emerald
  • Pear
  • Asscher
  • Cushion
  • Princess
  • Radiant
  • Marquise

Tips to Consider


What message does the ring send? Subtlety, refinement and class can all be aspects that add to the aesthetic of the ring. A stronger message can also be sent with an attention-grabbing ring that draws in the looks of many. The stone shape, the ring body, the thickness, and its lightness or heaviness – all contribute to a more arousing visual.  


An engagement ring is meant to be worn for years. So, it’s great to find something modern but lasting and durable. Not all materials make great engagement rings, so go with strength as well as elegance.
Especially when stones are included, ensure they can be repaired or replaced in case an issue occurs. 

The Wearer’s Style

Consider your partner’s fashion style. Do they want their ring to flash and bling or be more discrete? They could be minimalist or they might want to go over the top. Knowing your partner well before ring shopping is wise, and always choose a ring that speaks to their personality, style and preference.  

Never Go Over the Top!

Just remember not to overdo it. Unique doesn’t mean kitsch – it implies something subtle and restrained, with a tinge of “out-there”. You don’t want a clown ring, a huge, heavy stone, or a five-colour palette. If one aspect of the ring stands out, the rest should be paired down.

Where to Get Unique Engagement Rings in London?

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