Do Wedding Bands Need to Match?


Weddings were not immune to the changes brought about by the pandemic. From matching wedding face masks to ceremonies held on Zoom, we saw many creative wedding planning solutions these past years. 

However, no matter how many things changed, certain traditional aspects remained, and wedding bands are one of them. There’s something special and magical about this age-old tradition of exchanging pieces of jewellery that signify your bond. 

Couples today have the option (or the dilemma) to choose traditional or unique wedding bands. Some may be torn between a piece that truly represents themselves and one that their partner prefers. But should couples really wear matching wedding bands? Can’t they wear pieces that do not exactly look the same? Find out what this article says.

A Short History of Wedding Bands

Before we dwell on why wedding bands are traditionally matched, let’s look at a brief history of this practice. The first documented wedding ring is from Ancient Egypt and dates back to 3,000 BCE. In Egypt, the rings symbolised eternal love because of their circular shape, and they were made from hemp, reed, leather, or ivory.

Ancient Romans also used wedding bands made of iron, symbolising the strong bond between partners. This tradition has continued through the centuries, reaching the modern world. However, many other traditions existed simultaneously, including toe wedding bands or giving gifts to your loved one instead of rings. 

The Classic Option

The classic route for wedding bands is picking two identical or similar rings as they manifest how two people become one in marriage. Usually, the rings vary in size and thickness but are of the same design and material – yellow gold, platinum, or white gold. This practice was influenced by the Ancient Roman wedding bands.

Matching wedding bands are lovely if you and your partner cherish tradition and symbolism. Some families honour the practice of giving the bride-to-be a family heirloom as an engagement ring or wedding band, usually from the groom’s mother. In this case, there are no matching bands, but the gesture binds the bride in loyalty to the groom’s family.

Another tradition that has lived on is engraving a romantic phrase inside your matching rings. Jewellery makers usually etch the wedding date and couple names on the rings’ inner side.

The Modern Take

Even though many couples still prefer the traditional approach, essentially, wedding bands don’t need to match. In fact, more couples are choosing mismatched rings instead of the classic gold or platinum design. 

Each ring can be unique, symbolising different aspects of your relationship and matching different ‌aesthetics. For instance, you can choose an eco-friendly design while your partner can pick a classic diamond ring. 

The same applies to matching the engagement ring with the wedding band. Sure, both pieces may have matching looks, but you can also spice things up with two completely original designs. 

Which One Should You Choose?

Matching rings have a beautiful idea behind them, representing the strong connection between married couples. However, wedding bands have existed since the beginning of civilization, and have endured countless transformations through the centuries without necessarily downplaying marriage. 

Traditions come and go. You don’t have to follow the classic route to celebrate the connection you have with your partner. Instead, you can create your own story and tradition by customising your rings. It’s a more practical option, especially if you and your loved one have different styles and aesthetic preferences.

Find Unique Wedding Bands

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