A guide to buying jewellery in Hatton Garden


If you are looking to buy jewellery in London for you or your loved one, there is nowhere else better to go than the internationally renowned quarter, Hatton Garden. This is reflected in the numbers: it is estimated that approximately one in three engagements in the UK stems from a visit to the area in order to buy a ring.

The world-famous diamond district is often locally referred to as ‘The Garden’ and has a staggering 300 businesses established in the area, including our family-run jewellery business in Hatton Garden

But with so many options to choose from, how do you go about picking the perfect gem?  To make this easier, we’ve put together a guide to help the process run more smoothly.

Remember that prices are competitive

It is absolutely possible to pay around half the price you would pay on the high street at an excellent Hatton Garden jewellers, meaning it is definitely worth your time haggling on the price when you visit.

Costs tend to be lower as many businesses in the quarter are independently owned and largely avoid advertising strategies, brand premiums and  expensive rents in the West End. This enables them to provide much more competitive prices than are found elsewhere.

Think about bespoke jewellery

One thing you should take advantage of when shopping at Hatton Garden is purchasing bespoke jewellery. Available at a competitive price, it means you can give your loved one something that is completely unique, which you would find difficult to do if you purchased jewellery on the high-street instead.

Clarity of the diamond is important

Keep in mind that the clarity of a diamond is very important, especially if you are choosing an engagement ring. It forms one of the four c’s, which are the characteristics you should be looking out for in a ring according to jewellery experts. It refers to how clearly the diamond’s imperfections (whether they be on the surface or on the inside) are present.

Choose a material that is long-lasting

Generally speaking, shoppers in Hatton Garden looking for a ring should avoid opting for silver if they want something durable.

This is because silver is a soft material that tends to wear easily. Instead, if you are looking for something for that special someone, remember that platinum is long-lasting and does not typically wear as much as other materials, like white gold.

Remember the difference between cuts and shape

It is common for people to get confused between diamond cuts and shape. Remember that when you are trying to assess the standard of the cut, what you are actually looking at is how well the diamond has been shaped and crafted. How well this has been done will determine the overall price you will pay for the ring. As a result, it is worth making sure you understand what a diamond cut is before you decide to go shopping to make sure you are getting the best deal.