What rings do you need to buy for a wedding?


Engagement rings, wedding rings… how many rings do you need exactly for a wedding, you might be asking? It is a good question, but it isn’t one with necessarily a definite answer.

It could be up to four rings (two rings for each person) but ultimately, it is up to you and your individual preferences.

For example, you might absolutely adore the engagement ring your partner went down on one knee with, and might not necessarily want another. Or maybe you are questioning whether you really want to have a matching wedding band to go with it at all (for example, perhaps you prefer wearing as minimal jewellery as possible).

Well, as with the rest of the preparations: it is your wedding day to do as you please!

In any case, this guide will try to answer the likely questions you may have regarding engagement and wedding rings after you’ve said ‘I do’.


What is the difference between an engagement ring and a wedding ring?

The main differences are primarily those of design and size. Typically, an engagement ring will have just one larger stone that stands alone in the ring, but sometimes it is also surrounded by smaller stones on the ring too.  In most cases (as we are sure you are already aware!) the engagement ring is given to your loved one during a proposal, but otherwise, it is given during the earlier stages of an engagement.

Meanwhile, with a wedding ring, the design is usually a diamond encrusted band (or alternatively, a plain metal one), that tends to have a lower carat weight than an engagement ring. Interestingly, the engagement ring usually costs significantly more than the wedding ring. One can guess that this is in an attempt to really woo your partner into marriage (only kidding!).

Wedding rings are exchanged between partners on the day of the ceremony. It is then expected that these rings are worn from this period onwards.


How do you wear the engagement and wedding rings?

Tradition goes that the engagement and wedding rings are worn together on the fourth finger on your left hand.

In terms of how they are worn on this finger, tradition also goes that you wear the wedding band inside that of the engagement band.




However,  not everyone chooses to do this, and if the rings are not easily stackable then it may not be the most comfortable choice available either.


When should you purchase the wedding rings?

If the decision is made between you and your loved one to have both engagement and wedding rings, the decision as to when to buy them is down to your personal preferences.

It is generally recommended to buy them at least two months before the big day. That means should any alterations need to be made, or any delays crop up, you can rest assured that your rings are ready regardless.


Do you need both engagement and wedding rings?

As we previously mentioned, no, it isn’t a requirement and simply down to what you and your loved one prefer. If you are big on tradition it is common to have both rings, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a single ring to symbolise your married status, and it can be equally timeless and stunning.