Introduction To ‘Man-gagement Rings’

Typically, women have a stronger interest in jewellery and design than men. The jewellery industry has also played a part – offering different accessories ranging from rings and bracelets, to statement necklaces and dangly earrings. Plus, these pieces are not just reserved for special occasions but for everyday use. Jewellery for men, on the other hand, has mainly stuck to chunky silver or golden chains, watches, subtle ear studs and plain rings. It’s safe to say the world of jewellery definitely caters more to women than men. Browsing through shops specialising in engagement rings and wedding bands, you will soon come to recognize that the emphasis here, clearly is on the brides-to-be! However, with positive changing attitudes towards the engagement process, the rise of more stylish offerings for men has been on the rise.

The Rise Of The ‘Man-gagement’ Ring

Up until recently, jewellers didn’t offer much distinction between engagement rings and wedding bands for men – in fact, most engagement rings sold as such were actually just wedding bands sold under a different title. Wedding bands for men are typically simple silver, gold or platinum bands with little to no extras. An attempt was made around the 1930’s to popularise more fanciful designs with ad campaigns and ring names such as ‘The Master’ or ‘The Stag’. Despite the push, the trend didn’t catch on. Nowadays, with less taboo surrounding same-sex marriages and women proposing in heterosexual relationships, men’s engagement rings, (more frequently being referred to as ‘men-gagement’ rings) are on the rise.

With the rise of the management ring, came a new attention to detail. Whilst engagement ring designs for men are still not quite as lavish and accessible as those available for women, there is a wider selection of different styles on offer. Small diamonds, gemstones, unique engravings and textures are now becoming more commonplace. Another popular trend is to buy ‘matching’ engagement rings so that both partners (be it same sex or not) have an engagement ring.

What To Look For In A Men’s Engagement Rings

With this relatively new development, it’s hard to know where to start looking. Titanium or platinum engagement rings have become a true favourite amongst men over the past few years, as their designs are slick, modern and simple whilst complimenting small diamond points. Another popular design choice for titanium rings includes the twin line design, bringing a touch of symbolism that refers to a union. Depending on style preference, these twin line designs can be kept simple and the colour in uniform with the rest of the band, or a bit more fun, with bold colours such as blue or black highlighting the twin lines.

Men who aren’t usually accustomed to wearing jewellery – particularly rings – often opt for rings with groove details or contrasts between polished and matt, keeping it simple yet stylishly timeless. Engagement rings for men are generally more hardwearing, considering many men engage in physical labour on a regular basis and are therefore more prone to breakage, but this doesn’t necessarily affect style. Bezel and channel set diamonds are thus a popular feature to management rings because they lay level with the metal, offering the most protection for the diamonds from chips and breakages.

Modern engagement rings for men can also come in unusual colours, with black bands and coloured fibre inlays for a playful look. Designers are also now offering beautiful textures and engravings inspired by wood and leather. Some designers use special engraving techniques imitating the texture of bark, while others offer actual wood or leather inlays in different shades.

Ultimately, like with most special gifts, the perfect management ring depends on your partner’s preferences, personality and what you want to say to them! For some more inspiration take a look at our selection here. Alternatively, just get in touch either through the contact form below or by telephone. We have friendly, knowledgeable staff that will be happy to help with any enquiries you may have!