How To Find Out Your Partner’s Ring Size


When planning for the perfect marriage proposal, you ideally need to know your partner’s size for the diamond engagement ring. But this can end up being far easier said than done. How do you go about finding the right fit if you don’t know your partner’s ring finger size? It might come as a bit of a surprise, but there is a way around this. You can secretly find out your loved one’s ring size by trying one of the methods listed below.

Start with checking their jewellery box

They may not necessarily have one, but if your partner does, this is a surefire way to find the correctly sized engagement ring. If there was anywhere they would likely store rings it will probably be here!

However, that isn’t all. You need to find an appropriately sized ring such as one they would most likely wear on their ring finger on their right or left hand. This can make it far easier for your jeweller to accurately assess your partner’s engagement ring size.

Take one of their favourite rings to a jeweller

If they love wearing rings, they are likely to have one that stands out from the rest, in their eyes. If you can, try to take this ring without them knowing to a jeweller for sizing.

One thing to keep in mind here is your partner’s dominant hand. This means that you will need to size down if they are right-handed but do the opposite if they are left-handed.


Ask their friends for advice

If your partner’s friend has recently got engaged, try to encourage them to let your partner try the ring on to gauge if that ring is too small or too big.


It is our job to make sure the ring fits perfectly, for the big day


You could also ask a family member if there is an heirloom ring that they can subtly encourage your partner to try on too.

Trace the ring

If you are limited with time, and it will be difficult to secretly take one of their favourite rings to a jeweller without them knowing, you could trace its shape onto paper. Simple trace the entire ring on paper without forgetting to also sketch both the inside and outside of the ring when you do so.

When you are satisfied with your sketch, take it to the jeweller so they can further assess what the diameter and circumference will be for the engagement ring.


A piece of string

It may sound a little silly and it could ruin the element of surprise if you aren’t careful, but a piece of string can be an effective way to determine your partner’s ring size. How exactly do you go about this? When your partner is sleeping, carefully wrap a reasonably small piece of string around their ring finger. Where the ends meet on the string, use a marker pen to highlight where this is on the string.

Take the string with you to your jewellers and voila! Your jeweller can determine what size ring you will need. However, proceed with caution on this one, it is not the easiest way of finding out the right ring size!