Fancy Intense Yellow Cushion Cut Diamond

This bold ring contains a 4ct fancy intense yellow cushion cut diamond, which is held in with four double 18ct yellow gold claws. A fancy diamond (the name given to coloured diamonds) can make for a unique jewellery piece and this one will certainly be a talking piece. The cut of this diamond also complements this fancy – cushions and radiants retain their color stronger than any other diamond shape. These shapes are on the opposite end of the spectrum from the popular round cut, which is the best at masking the stone’s color. This is the reason why the fancy color diamond market is populated with cushions and radiants and why round fancy color diamonds are extremely rare to find.

Surrounding this beautiful bright, diamond is a halo ring with round brilliant cut diamonds, which really showcase and highlight the main stone. The high-carat center diamond looks even larger in a halo setting. Other details include the shoulder diamonds, which are tapered baguettes, all finished off with an 18ct white gold ring. A perfect ensemble of elements, which really make for a showstopper engagement ring! If you are interested in this style of ring we are able to create a bespoke version tailored to your needs and budget. Just get in touch using the form below.