Channel Set Bespoke Ring

Another great bespoke ring we created for a client. This is a beautiful channel set bespoke ring with a stunning row of diamonds. A channel setting is a type of mounting in which the diamonds are set into a channel made from two metal strips. The stones set in such a way form a row and can run along the entire band of the ring.

Channel settings are great for protecting diamonds as it shields the sides, meaning that they are less likely chip and break or fall out. This makes it a great ring for anyone who uses there hands a lot such as nurses or construction workers as they are well protected against any accidental hits that may chip them. However, the downside to this extra security is channel set rings have less diamond visibility and are tough to resize or fix. So when considering this ring setting make sure the sizing is absolutely right – don’t buy unless it definitely fits.

For all our bespoke rings we use 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) which allows us to render 3D previews so you can see exactly how the ring will look before it is made. This is great for making sure every detail is perfect before you go ahead. If you are interested in a similar style of ring, we can craft one for you with our in-house workshops. We can change the diamond cut, precious metal type and other bespoke elements. To find out more just get in touch using the contact form below or by calling. Alternatively you can visit one of our stores located in Hatton Garden.

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