Cathedral Set Diamond Ring

This is a beautiful diamond ring with a distinctive cathedral setting. The cathedral setting is one of the most elegant, classic and popular engagement ring settings. Similar to the cathedral, it uses arches of metal to support and securely hold the centre diamond or coloured gemstone. The centre stone can then be set with prongs, bezel, tension or basket design and it can sit low or high above the arches. It’s defining characteristic is not how the centre stone is held but rather how the mounting is built and how the shank and the arches are relating. The cathedral engagement ring setting got its name because as the name implies, it’s shape mimics the grace and elegance of a cathedral.

In this stunning piece, the centre diamond is held in with four claws and the shoulders feature smaller diamonds running alongside it. The ring is tied together in a platinum or white gold band, which perfectly complements the glittering diamonds. We offer a bespoke jewellery design service, where we can craft a bespoke piece in one of our on-site workshops. So, if you’re interested in this style of ring, just get in touch using the contact form. We also have an online catalogue of various ring designs, which you can view here.