Family heirlooms are passed down from generation-to-generation and sometimes that can be a source of much-needed finance or they can be redesigned into an item of beauty.


Hatton Garden Diamond has been working in the diamond district of London for over 40 years and has developed a good knowledge of heirlooms, their value and their potential.

If you are looking to sell pieces of jewellery, gold, broaches or similar, we can offer you money upfront or a same day bank transfer. If you would like to redesign your heirloom, we can help turn an item of old jewellery into a timeless piece or or take an old engagement ring and polish it and make it look as good as new again.


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What Kind of Heirlooms Do You Work With? 

  • Engagement and wedding rings
  • Broaches
  • Pins
  • Medals
  • Cufflinks
  • Hairpins and hatpins
  • Bracelets
  • Necklaces


How Much is an Heirloom Worth?

An heirloom can be worth very little or worth hundreds or even thousands of pounds. For something that is made of gold, it could be valuable depending on its weight or carat, but also its design and age. If there are particular gemstones that are rare or antique, it could be very valuable indeed.

Diamonds and gold are always going to be valuable and increasing in price year after year.

Our team of professional jewellers are experienced in working with old heirlooms and have a good knowledge of their market value and also their potential.


Can You Exchange or Redesign Heirlooms?

Yes, if you would like to exchange an heirloom, we can offer you a new piece of jewellery worth the same amount – or you can top up for something a little more special.

If you prefer, we can also redesign an old heirloom, such as using the stone or the gold, and with a unique design, polish and setting – we could create a masterpiece for you.

Some items go out of fashion, but can always be brought back to life and improved by adding a halo ring or fancy shape – so you can create a beautiful piece of jewellery whilst keeping the same sentimental value of the family heirloom.


At Hatton Garden Diamond we pride ourselves on outstanding customer service and superior quality. If you are looking to sell or exchange your jewellery,  please contact us on 0207 813 1619

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