Regardless if it’s a decades old ring or a recently acquired necklace, we can give you a valuation of how much it would be worth at the current market value.

To make it easier, we offer this service for free with each new purchase.
There are many reasons why you would want to valuate your jewellery, such as requiring a valuation for sale, family division and also for the purpose of probate where the value of an estate needs to be established in order to comply with Inheritance Tax requirements.

Sometimes a valuation is just for general interest and to find out background on a family owned piece. If you’re planning to sell your jewellery it’s important to keep an up to date valuation so you can get accurate compensation, as the market can change frequently.
Another reason to keep an up to date valuation is to receive a reliable and accurate document which is essential to facilitate replacement of lost, stolen or accidentally damaged items, this is especially important with bespoke or designed pieces where a full and detailed description with photographs ensures that the right replacement can be sourced. If you would like to find out more on the valuation process please get in touch with one of staff members through the contact form or by calling.

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