Stephen Perry founded Hatton Garden Diamond 40 years ago.

For many people, their engagement rings and jewellery are some of the most expensive items that they own and having them adequately valued is essential to get them replaced if lost or stolen. Equally, you may need to sell your jewellery and just need the best price possible. Hatton Garden Diamond is experienced in valuing all kinds of precious jewellery, diamonds, stones and more.

Since the price of certain metals and gemstones can fluctuate each year due to economic and market conditions, it is recommended to have your expensive jewellery every 2 years or so.

We require just a few days to carry out a jewellery valuation and can also offer on the spot valuations too if you need them.

We provide full documentations and certificates which can be used for insurance replacement purposes – simply get in touch with our team to book an appointment.


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We offer:

  • Jewellery valuations for probate
  • Jewellery valuations for insurance purposes
  • Jewellery valuations for divorce


Probate jewellery valuations

If you are interested in knowing the value of an item of jewellery for probate and wills, we can let you know the market value. This includes rings, bracelets, necklaces, broches, diamonds and more.


Jewellery valuations for insurance purposes

For insurance purposes, you may need to get an up-to-date valuation in the event it is lost or stolen. Also, knowing what the value of your engagement ring or diamond bracelet is worth can be good to know for financial purposes or budgeting. We never know if we are going to fall on hard times and knowing the value of our precious jewellery can provide important piece of mind.


Jewellery valuations for divorce

In the unfortunate event of divorce, a valuation can be important when selling your old engagement ring and wedding band. Maybe you want to sell any jewellery from your last relationship and start fresh – and we can provide you with a professional valuation within a few days.


Sell us your jewellery or you can exchange it too

We are able to buy any diamonds or gold on the spot too if you would like. We offer a jewellery exchange where you can trade your jewellery for something of a similar value or top it up and get something extra special. See sell gold for more information.


Hatton Garden Diamond is based on the famous Hatton Garden road. Each with professional jewellers and experts in-house, we can take any type of jewellery and provide a valuation within a few days or sometimes on the same day too.

Call us below to book an appointment and be sure to bring your item of jewellery and any relevant certificates that you have available.


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