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Jewellery Repair

Jewellery Repair

Even after great care has been taken to look after your jewellery, sometimes accidents do happen and jewellery can be damaged, needing repair. Other times, general wear and tear can cause damages, such as hairline cracks, chips and scuffs. By sending in your jewellery, you can be sure we have the expertise and knowledge to breathe new life into your piece. Some examples are restringing pearls, repairs to catches, shanks, settings and clasps, and resetting diamonds.

We have on-site workshops so for many minor repairs we have the facilities to complete the repairs in-store. Otherwise, our staff will give you an estimate completion date when you book in your jewellery. If you’re unsure if there are any damages it’s highly recommended to have a maintenance check which we offer, so that your jewellery will remain as pristine as possible.

Stone replacement

A current stone may have chips or hairline cracks beyond repair and will need replacing. We can offer a stone replacement service, and have a variety of stones and diamonds available – including GIA certified diamonds.

Claw rebuild

Since the claws that hold the stone also act as a buffer from most scrapes, they are also the areas which first show damages or are more likely to get broken. This is an important area to keep an eye on as you run the risk of losing the stone if the claws are not secure. Getting a claw rebuilt will help keep the stone in place and keep your jewellery piece in pristine condition.

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